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Custom reports and layouts for OpenBiblio 0.6.x

Overview of customization packages:
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general school nl_school
Copy Search (Extended)
Duplicate Titles 
Bibliography Checkout Listing : Grade, Teacher  
Member List : Grade, Teacher 
Over Due Member List : Grade, Teacher 
MARC Reports
Authority Search 
Authors : Bibliography Count 
Subjects : Bibliography Count 
Bibliographies by MARC Tag / Subfield 
Bibliographies by Subject 
Most Popular Authors 
Most Popular Bibliographies 
Most Popular Subjects 
Periodic Checkout Count 

*Note: Aggregate data from Statistics reports outside OpenBiblio. Version 0.6.x and lower purge Bibliography History:
  • When circulating, and History is older than number of months given in Library Settings
  • When a Bibliography Copy is deleted
  • When a Member is deleted

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